Ernest Shackleton was a British explorer who is known for his expeditions to Antarctica in the early 20th century. He and his crew were attempting to cross the Antarctic on foot, but an accident resulted in the loss of their ship and much of their supplies. The crew survived by making life-threatening decisions, including amputating parts of their own limbs. and eating the bodies of their dead companions. The crew endured extreme cold, starvation and exhaustion. Shackleton was captain of Endurance during the 1914-1917 expedition to Antarctica in which he and his crew were stranded after their ship crashed in a pack ice field. He organized an overland march with his surviving crew to save themselves from starving on the ice.

Ernest Henry Shackleton: A Polar Pioneer

Ernest Henry Shackleton was a British Antarctic explorer and naval officer who commanded the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1916. He also led the famous rescue of his crew from an icebound ship. Weddell Sea in 1916. His achievements in these polar regions established him as one of the great polar explorers and a hero to many.

Ernest Henry Shackleton: A Hero of Endurance

Ernest Henry Shackleton, born in 1874 and died in 1956, was one of the most famous explorers of the 19th century. His achievements are numerous and include being a pioneer in the use of motor cars on expeditions, being a maritime explorer and making countless contributions to Antarctic knowledge. . His accomplishments have been so diverse that he is sometimes referred to as the last Victorian gentleman.

Born in South Shields, England in 1874, Ernest Shackleton was a scion of the wealthy and well-known family that owned the well-known shipping company of Thomas Shackleton and Sons.  On his mother's side, he was related to British military.

Ernest Henry Shackleton: Antarctic explorer

Ernest Shackleton was a British explorer who led three expeditions to the Antarctic in search of the fabled continent of Antarctica. In 1908, during his first expedition, he and six crew members attempted a crossing from Elephant Island to South Georgia but were forced to turn back when their ship became trapped in the ice. He then led another successful expedition in 1909-1910, which was almost wholly financed by newspaper magnate Alfred Harmsworth. The final expedition was a disaster.

He and his crew left South Georgia on the steamship Endurance in 1914, but became trapped in ice off the Weddell Sea and were forced to abandon ship. They used three lifeboats to reach Elephant Island, where they intended to establish a base with four crew members who remained behind.

The Legacy of Ernest Henry Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton is one of the most famous polar explorers and his incredible survival story has been passed down through generations. His story of courage has influenced many other polar explorers and he is known as the father of modern day polar exploration.

Ernest Henry Shackleton Antarctic explorer
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